Backyard Clubhouse Playsets

A Clubhouse playset is everything a kid could ever dream of — a fun-packed multilevel playhouse with a thrilling attached swing set. The Clubhouse style is great for compact backyards, saving space while offering a ton of exciting play activities like picnic tables, playhouses, rocking climbing walls, swing sets and more.


Fiesta Clubhouses

The Fiesta Clubhouse features a 4’ x 5’ deck with a height of 4’ 10”, a 7.5’ Swing Beam height and a 10’ Scoop or Wave Slide. It’s perfect for families with limited space.


Circus Clubhouses

Packed full of fun, our entry-level Circus Clubhouse series is compact, which is perfect for the smallest backyards. The lower deck height of 5 feet is great for young children!

Monster Clubhouses

The Monster Clubhouse has a gigantic 6’ high, 5.2’ x 7.8’ deck, a 9.25’ swing beam height and an 11.5’ Safety Scoop Slide. The Monster Series features some of our most unique designs and features.