Outdoor Castle Playhouses

 From our modest Fiesta Castle to the enormous King Kong Castle, these swing sets come in a multitude of different sizes and deck heights. Pick the perfect Castle playhouse for your kids!


Fiesta Castles

The Fiesta Castle swing set features a 4’x5’ deck size with a height of 4’ 10”. The smallest of our Castle playhouse options, this is perfect for limited-sized yards and young kids.

Circus Castles

The Circus Castle swing set has a 5’ deck height, 8’ swing beam height and 4’ x 6’ deck size. It’s a fantastic entry-level swing set for families.


Sunshine Castles

The Sunshine Castle swing set has a larger 5.2’ x 5.2’ deck size, giving energetic kids more space to play. This is our best-selling swing set!


Rainbow Castles

The Rainbow Castle swing set boasts a 5’ 8” deck height and 9’ swing beam height. It’s perfect for families with multiple kids — or many friends!

Monster Castles

The Monster Castle swing set is designed for families who want a bigger option than the Rainbow Castle. With a 6’ deck height, 9.25’ swing beam height, and 11.5’ Safety Scoop Slide, this monstrous Castle is a hit!

King Kong Castles

The King Kong Castle swing set makes a HUGE impression in any backyard. With an enormous 7’ 2” deck height, 10.5’ swing beam height, and 14’ Safety Scoop Slide, it’s the ultimate swing set for the big kids!